How do I view or update my beneficiaries?

Bob Gearhart Jr.
Bob Gearhart Jr.
Employee Navigator is the primary record for beneficiary designations in the event of an untimely death. Insurance carriers do not maintain a record of beneficiaries. It is advised employees verify beneficiary records at least once a year, usually during open enrollment periods or following a qualifying life event. 
Note: Beneficiary fields will display only when an employee enrolls in Life Insurance. If Life Insurance is not offered or is waived, beneficiary fields will not appear. 

1. Log into Employee Navigator,


2. From your Home page, click on Enrollment Summary.

3. Click on Beneficiaries.  


4. You’ll be able to add, edit, or delete beneficiaries and designate allocation amounts for each beneficiary. 

Note: You are required to add Primary beneficiaries. Contingent beneficiaries are optional. Ensure the allocation percentage equals 100%, or you will receive a red error message.




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