Cigna February Health Topic: Tips for Improving Loneliness

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Jennifer Johns
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February is Black History Month. Dr. Mamie Phipps Clark, Ph.D. And Dr. Kenneth Bancroft Clark, Ph.D., were two African American pioneers in the Mental Health field whose work had lasting impacts.

  • The Clarks are best known for the “Doll Study,” which provided invaluable evidence for the end of school segregation in the famous Brown vs. The Board of Education Supreme Court Case.
  • Dr. Kenneth Clark was the first-ever black president of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Dr. Mamie Phipps Clark was passionate about advancing adequate mental health services to all.

Read more about the Clarks and other African American pioneers in Mental Health here: Black Pioneers in Mental Health | Mental Health America (

February is also a time when consumers are inundated with reminders of love and relationships as the stores prepare for Valentine’s Day.

  • It's not uncommon for the elderly, people going through a breakup, divorce, or death of a loved one, and young people to struggle with loneliness.
  • A loneliness survey by Cigna Healthcare indicates that Generation Z adults (ages 18-22) are feeling lonelier than almost any other population.1

Relatedness, or connections to others, is a core human psychological need that directly impacts and individual’s level of vitality. If you are experiencing loneliness or would like to improve your support system, here are 5 tips: 1

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings of Loneliness
  2. Know when to Engage or Disengage from the Online World
  3. Find a volunteer activity
  4. Join a group or club for in-person connections
  5. Practice self-care

You can read more, as well as find other resources on loneliness at: Loneliness | Cigna Healthcare .

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