Gym Discounts through Cigna

Jennifer Johns
Jennifer Johns
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Cigna's Active & Fit Direct program offers members access to discounted gym memberships at more than 12,000 fitness centers.


As a Cigna medical plan member, you have access to Active Fit & Direct, a flexible gym membership program that allows participants the ability to choose from national fitness centers like 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, the YMCA, and more. With no contracts, a low monthly fee, and the ability to change gyms at any time, Active Fit & Direct makes it easy to meet your fitness goals.


To get started, visit today. As an added bonus, the $28 enrollment fee will be waived for Cigna plan members who sign up using the code: STAYSTRONG before June 30, 2024.


Please refer to the below FAQ and Active & Fit Overview to learn more!

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